Carla Laemmle

Carla Laemmle

“Among the rugged peaks that frown down upon the Borgo Pass are found crumbling castles of a bygone age …. “

This is the first line of dialogue delivered in Bela Lugosi’s 1931 film Dracula by actress Carla Laemmle who was one of the last links to a time so long ago – Silent Hollywood.

Carla Laemmle who was born in 1909 was the niece of Universal Pictures founder Carl Laemmle.  Most of her roles were uncredited including playing the prima ballerina in the 1925 silent film version of The Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney. Other films she appeared in: Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1927), The Broadway Melody (1929), The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (1929), and most recently Mansion of Blood (2012).

Carla Laemmle

She was the last actress of the silent film era. She recently died at the age of 104.

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