One Week – 1920

One Week

One Week is a Buster Keaton short with Sybil Seely as his bride. It was the first to be released by Keaton on his own. Before he had been working with Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle.

Two newlyweds receive a build-it-yourself house that can be put together in one week as a wedding gift along with a piece of land on lot 99.

One Week_01

Per the directions it says “To give this house a snappy appearance put it up according to the numbers on the box”. Handy Hank, who was turned down by the bride, changes the numbers on the boxes.

One Week_05

One Week gif

During the housewarming a storm occurs and the wind starts spinning the house around. The guests inside are being thrown around. Buster finally jumps through a door only to be thrown back out of the house. The house is still spinning around and his wife and their guests end up being thrown out of the house in the rain.

One Week_07

After the storm they find out they built their house on the wrong lot (Lot 66) and their lot is across the railroad tracks. They jack the house up and put barrels under it to make it roll and pull it with the car. The house becomes unhitched from the car so Buster nails the house to the back seat. The car bottom takes off but the top is still nailed to the house.

One Week_03

One Week gif_b

It’s about this time they notice the train is coming and their house is on the railroad tracks. They unsuccessfully try to push the car across the tracks. They finally give up just as the train approaches. Holding on to each other and bracing for the worst the train zips by on another track and misses their house. Just as they are relieved the trained missed their house another train coming in the opposite direction smashes into their house demolishing it.

buster keaton-one week

The short ends as the newlyweds walk away putting a For Sale sign and the building directions next to the house.

One Week_06

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