Hollywood A Celebration of American Silent Film


Hollywood: A Celebration of American Silent Film is a comprehensive documentary on the silent era. It was directed by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill with narration by James Mason. It was released in 1980 by Thames Television with each 13-part episode lasting approximately 50 minutes.

1. The Pioneers
2. The Beginning
3. Single Beds and Double Standards
4. Hollywood Goes to War
5. Hazards of the Game
6. Swanson and Valentino
7. Autocrats
8. Comedy is a Serious Business
9. Out West
10. The Man with the Megaphone
11. Trick of the Light
12. Star Treatment
13. End of an Era

Some of the interviews include: Gloria Swanson, Viola Dana, Allan Dwan, King Vidor, John Wayne, Colleen Moore, Lillian Gish, and Clarance Brown.

Originally released on VHS it’s doubtful that it will ever be released on DVD due to copyright issues. You can however watch the episodes on YouTube. I highly recommend it because not only is it entertaining but full of information on Hollywood’s silent era and the people who made it so magical.

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2 Responses to Hollywood A Celebration of American Silent Film

  1. Emily says:

    I adore this documentary. I watched it early in my silent film fan career and have re-watched it many more times since then. It’s criminal how this is not allowed to have a proper release!


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