Rudolph Valentino Estate Catalog

Estate Catalog

After Rudolph Valentino’s death an estate auction was held on December 10, 1926 at Hollywood’s Hall of Art Studios. S. George Ullman was the Administrator and A.H. Weil was the auctioneer. A 95 page estate catalog was printed with a detailed listing of all the belongings to be auctioned off. What sold at $2 a copy at the time has become a collector’s item. It now sells for approximately $400 and up.

Literally everything but the kitchen sink was auctioned off. Some of the items included: Paintings, books, a player grand piano, 3 carved wood coat of arms (with Valentino’s family crest), scarf pins, cuff links, an onyx pocket watch, 7 dressing robes, 10 dress suits, 6 colored Japanese pajamas, 146 pairs of socks, 60 pairs of gloves, 10 overcoats, over 100 ties, 60 pairs of special order shoes, 109 shirt collars, antique arms and armor, 7 cameras, 28 pairs of spats, 28 white vests, 13 assorted canes, a black English riding habit, 110 silk handkerchiefs, sterling-silver flatware for twelve monogrammed RVG and the lacquered blue bedroom suite.

In addition, his two homes Falcon Lair and the home at 6776 Wedgwood Place in Whitley Heights was to be auctioned. (Sadly both homes have since been demolished.)

Falcon Lair

Falcon Lair

Whitley Heights_a

Whitley Heights Home

Also on the auction block were the Avion Voisin and five-passenger Isotta Fraschini Town Car.

Estate Catalog_1

Avion Voisin

Isotta Fraschini Town Car

Isotta Fraschini Town Car

In addition the dogs and four horses (Lot 13 “Firefly, Lot 14 “Yacqui”, Lot 15 “Ramadan” and Lot 16 “Horoun”) were auctioned off as well.

Lot 16 Saddle Horse, “Horoun” Gray Gelding

15.1 Hands, seven years old. A good jumper. Will go anywhere. Sound and gentle. Anyone can ride him. (Used by Mr. Valentino in the picture “The Eagle”.)

Valentino Horse

From the bedroom Lots 161, 162, and 163: Three Small Round Pedestal Tables. Simple low circular design. 16 inches in diameter, enameled in black: with four low rounding and tapering arches at base forming four legs, supported by orange enameled ball feet. Heavy half inch glass tops. One table is equipped with a perfume burner in the center of the top, which is heated by an enclosed electrical light, which also illuminates the glass top.

Valentino's bedroom

Valentino’s bedroom

Lot 207: Interesting Antique Key (French-Gothic XVI Century)

Beautifully chiseled iron key, handle sculptured with figure of a Knight of the Crusade standing in an open niche-like arched frame.


Also included were club memberships and stocks. Lot 4 – Santa Monica Swimming Club Membership, Lot 5 – Edgewater Beach Water Membership, and Lot 6 – 20 shares Hollywood Music Box (per value $2,000).

These are just a few items from the estate catalog. A second auction was held a few months later in San Francisco. Both auctions only took in $96,654. Can you imagine how much all of these items would be worth now?

Beltran Masses

Federico Beltran Massas painting

Valentino at Falcon Lair


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2 Responses to Rudolph Valentino Estate Catalog

  1. Interesting!! I think I love the Key and the 5 seater Isotta Fraschini Town Car the most.
    And No!! I can’t even imagine how much these would be worth today.


  2. Cynthia Armstrong says:

    I bought a chair at an antique mall and the tag said it was from Rudolf Valentino’s Falcon’s Lair estate sale. I have tried finding anything at all about it but haven’t found anything. Any suggestions from you would be greatly appreciated.


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