Michele 01I love the movies! The saying is true: They don’t make them like that anymore. To me it’s not just the movies but the stars as well. There is no such thing anymore as a movie star.

I was so excited when The Artist won best picture. It was the first silent film to win an Oscar since Wings. What a great tribute to silent films.   It just goes to show that a movie can be great without all the special effects. It was pure movie magic.

Everyone remembers Chaplin, Garbo, Gable and Harlow. But not everyone remembers the forgotten stars like Wallace Reid. William Frawley was more than the Mertze’s landlord and Shop around the Corner was made long before You’ve Got Mail.

Besides being a fan of old Hollywood these are some things that interest me: Italian Greyhounds, all types of music, old houses, preservation, Fall, the lost art of letter writing, the Victorian Era, the Edwardian Era, TV shows like Gotham and Mr. Selfridge.

My contact information is: grabowski [at] opulent-designs.com


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