Rudolph Valentino Blogathon


Rudolph Valentino was a bright star during the silent era and he’s still popular today. Every year since his passing in 1926 at the age of 31 he is remembered with a memorial service at Hollywood Forever. Timeless Hollywood is hosting a Valentino Blogathon in honor of this truly memorable star. Please grab a banner and help spread the word!

When: Sunday, March 15, 2015

To sign up pick a Valentino film or topic to write about and leave me a comment or email me ( Be sure to include your Name and Blog URL.

Some ideas: Films, his poetry book Daydreams, Falcon Lair, his untimely death and the chaos that followed, the annual Valentino Memorial Service, your Valentino collection.

Due to a short body of work I will allow up to three duplicate posts.


Timeless Hollywood | The Conquering Power | Valentino Estate Catalog

Movies Silently | The Married Virgin

Silent-ology | Moran of the Lady Letty

All About Rudolph Valentino | Mineralava Tour of 1923

Nitrate Glow | The Son of the Sheik

In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood | Camille

Critica Retro | Valentino biopics

Wolffian Classics Movies Digest | The Son of the Sheik

Strictly Vintage Hollywood |The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse | Valentino Hobbies

Brooksie’s Silent Film Collection | Valentino’s Popularity in Australia

Hamlette’s Soliloquy | The Eagle








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15 Responses to Rudolph Valentino Blogathon

  1. Lea S. says:

    Ooo, a lovely idea! I will take Moran of the Lady Letty, a film gets overlooked quite a bit.


  2. Michele says:

    It truly does. I’ll add you to the list!


  3. Emily says:

    May I take The Son of the Sheik?


  4. Hi. Could I do the original version of “Camille”? 1921 version with Rudolph Valentino?


  5. Michele says:

    Yes that would be wonderful!


  6. Le says:

    Hi! Could I write about the 1951 biopic Valentino?
    I’m Le from the blog Critica Retro.


  7. Michele says:

    Hi Le I’ll add you to the roster!


  8. Michele says:

    Hi everyone don’t forget to grab a banner for your site! 🙂


  9. could i review The Son of the Sheik?


  10. Brooksie says:

    I would like to do a post on the popularity of Rudolph Valentino in Australia. I don’t think it’s something that’s been covered before, but he was HUGE.


  11. I’d like to join in! Could I review The Eagle? My movie blog is Hamlette’s Soliloquy.


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